Plastic Surgery Center  
The Results
» Cleft Lip
» Cleft Plate
» Burns
Post burn contractures
» Surgery of the face
» Facial Injuries
» Surgery of the hand
» Gynecomastia
» Liposuction
» Hypospadias
» Abdominoplasty
» Surgery for skin loss
» Surgery for tumors
Post Burn Contractures
Contracture neck After release
Before Post Burn Contracture Neck
Contracture fingers
Before Fingers Surgery
Contracture Elbow
Before Elbow Surgery
Contracture Neck
Before Neck Surgery
Contracture Axilla
Before Axilla Surgery
Contracture Eyelid
Before Eyelid Surgery
After Post Burn Contracture Neck After Post Burn Contracture Side Neck
After release
After Fingers Surgery
After release
After Elbow Surgery
After release
After Elbow Surgery
After release
After Axilla Surgery
After release
After Eyelid Surgery
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